Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bucket O Shells Ornament

Coastal Bohemian Studio , my art studio, recently had a cookie exchange. As a cookie label, I had designed a quick little piece that looked like this . For instructions on the cookie exchange see the cookie exchange blog.
Now I'm sitting there staring at these little buckets, twisting them around , flipping them upside down pondering their next use when my beach brain kicks into gear. Seashells. Let's pause and remember the name of this Blog. No surprise here. 

Everyone that has a pail has had it filled with seashells. 
Make note these buckets are only 2" tall.
OMG  Filled with tiny shells, heavenly buckets of love. 
So simple too. Nudge a piece of foam into the bucket and glue to the bottom with hot glue . Arrange tiny seashells in layers ,concealing all the foam . Done.  

Add some tiny pieces of driftwood. What Coastal Bohemian doesn't collect driftwood at the beach? You know you have some around the house.

 Hang on the tree, give as gifts, use as bridal shower favors, seating card displays etc etc.

These buckets were purchased at Dollar Tree at $1.00 for three. I swiped on a bit of dark wax and then buffed most of it out to get a rusty bucket effect.

You could really personalize these by decoupaging (it's word, I added it to my dictionary)on a vintage graphic from the or we have started painting Xmas 2016 , wedding dates, and names .

Hope this gives you a fun idea for the holidays .

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  1. Such a cute idea and a great way to do something special with shells collected at the beach! Thanks for sharing!
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