Sunday, February 14, 2016

Driftwood Lamp

Many of you know my creations tend to involve driftwood've seen the pictures of my driftwood posing for me. Taking an inspiration from Pinterest, I created this driftwood lamp. It's been on my list of to do driftwood creations but it's finally complete.
 The driftwood was sourced from various beaches and could be from Long Island beaches or Florida.

My friend had salvaged these 1  x 6 boards that are perfectly shabby and I used those as a distressed base for the lamp. I cut a 12" piece and then sanded all my edges as well as the paint. Then applied a clear wax and buffed. I also cut 1" pieces from the shabby 1 x 6 for feet . I assembled everything with my nail gun

I was able to coil the electrical cord into the rope, which was much easier than I expected. 

I was going to use these old fishing floats as feet but at the time they didn't work out. I think  for the next lamp I will cut the floats in half to use as feet. Pictured above is a gift from a fellow blogger, upcycler, FB friend and artist, G+ er, Greg Hill from Washington. Greg knows I love all things nautical and he has challenged me with this gift along with the sea glass collection. Thank you +Greg Hill for your generous gift sent from the other side of this country. Now you know I'm working on something. :) . Visit Greg's blog to see some of the fascinating things he creates.

Hope you enjoyed this fun project.

Michele  @ Coastal Bohemian

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