Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daydreaming is good for the mind. And I have beach bonfires on my mind.

Daydreaming is good for the mind.
5 Reasons Daydreaming is Good for You  by Carla Samuels, a great article about the benefits of the wandering mind.
1. It Improves your Working Memory
2. It Helps You to Relax
3. It Helps You to Create and Achieve Goals
4. It Strenghtens Your Relationship
5. It Allows Complex Thought to Take Place

 I'm daydreaming of a beach bonfire. We have always had them out in Montauk NY, on the beach where they still allow folks to have a bonfire.
Below is a pic of a bonfire we made and decided to cook fresh, local, Long Island mussels in red sauce. It was one of my most favorite times and spent with great friends laughing and fumbling through getting our fire just right for the kettle.

Here's James Blunt's "Bonfire Heart" to help create a little mood for you.

What are you daydreaming about today? Make it a good one.I'd love for you to post your daydreams with me below.
Happy Daydreaming

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