Monday, February 9, 2015

Coastal Mosaics and all they are cracked up to be.

It's funny how I find myself again when I am creating something artsy, when I am being an artist. I have shied away from using  that word on myself , "Artist"  for so long, when in fact, I am an artist. There, I said it and I embrace it wholeheartedly.
Why is it we can't embrace the things that come so naturally to us in our youth?  The best things that come out of me are  inspired by my adventurous imagination.
Too bad it took me 46 yrs figure it out.

The universe is certainly speaking to me when it puts people in my world with the same story. It's my reminder to keep moving forward in the direction of being my artistic self and keep creating.(Insert picture of me covered head to feet in paint , hair all over the place and  bandaged hot glue gun burns here.)
I meet folks who have reimagined their life successfully by embracing their talents, and they are making a happy and exciting living as artists. The way I read it , the universe is showing me I can do it also.

I love mosaics and have made several pieces over the years and I'm always fascinated by other artist's mosaics. Strolling around Port Salerno, Fl you will find Port Salerno Mosaic Studio at the Fish House Art Center along the docks by the area restaurants.The universe gave me a sign by introducing me to owner  and artist Diane Concepcion, who has followed her passion to create and is teaching others to uncover their inner artist in her studio.
Her students are equally talented under the tutelage of their mosaic professor.
Diane with her pelican friends.

We spoke on and on for easily a half hr and she was generous with her time and with sharing her ideas for me to learn new techniques, and ideas for me to take addition classes.
This Coastal Bohemian was in her glory and inspired, surrounded by an array of sparkly , nautical themed creations. My favorite was a sailboat on a setting sea of lavender and with so much dimension.It's not for sale ...BTW. 

Stop in and visit Diane and you will fall in love with and most assuredly ,go home with, one of her projects. 

Off to crack some tile ....Michele

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