Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Florida Keys Hogfish

"Caught only by spearfishermen, this scrumptious fish changes its flavor depending upon what it's been feasting upon when caught" said the glass bottom boat tour guide in Key West ."You may be surprised to find the flavor of shrimp, scallop or oysters when you bite into a bit of Hogfish."

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/hogfish ,
 Because they tend to root in the sediment in search of small prey, they are not commonly caught on hook and line. Hogfish are primarily harvested by spearfishing, and they are considered to be of excellent food quality.   

Minimum length is 12" and currently you are allowed 5 fish per day. Reef fishing gear is required.  
The state record was caught in Daytona Beach, FL @ 19lbs.  8oz.

We lucked out when Hogfish was the special  on the menu at Mrs. Mac's Kitchen, in Key Largo during our road trip home.

      Truly delicious , we think our hogfish was eating scallops. Yummy, it was as if I was having a seafood platter.

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