Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Rusty Chandelier Upcycle

I picked up two of these rusty chandeliers a few years back at a junk store in Myrtle Beach, SC. They have been moved around  in storage for 3 yrs. Secretly, I think my husband wanted to throw them out. I wasn't sure he understood the whole rustiness thing.

But I saw a rusty white piece with new parts and a fresh new boutique level upcycle. 
I gave the whole piece a good power washing. Then, I used white chalk paint to touch up and brighten the piece, being especially careful to leave the right amount of rust. Then I added some gold paint accents and coated the entire piece with a matte clear coat. The clear coat seals in any chippy paint and it just has this great effect on the rust. It also stops the rusting process.

My husband rewired and got this ready for hanging. Part of that involved adding a big ugly bolt at the bottom of the piece. So, I used some air dry clay to create a rose to cover up the bolt and then painted it to match the rust and chippy look of the paint.

See the bolt covered in glue with one petal attached. Yes, I forgot to take a pic of the hideous bolt before I dove in to get to  the clay rose. 

Not a bad rose.

This makes me happy. And by the way, we kept this from the junk pile.

With love and gratitude


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  1. I had to laugh, my hubby has been growling at two pieces I have in the garage....waiting! Grins, i think I will do them for the outside and with solar lights, we will see...Fun post! Sandi

    1. Hi Sandi. Oh so you know my situation then. Haha. He's been very good about my upcycling habit. Hopefully you'll share your project with us at Funtastic Friday Link Party. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.


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