Friday, November 18, 2022

Morning Glory Madness -A Photo Shoot #gardening #gardeningflorida #floridagardener #morningglories

Are these not one of the most beautiful and most beautifully colored flowers? These are Morning Glories, and they get their name because they give a big show of flowering in the morning. Later in the afternoon, the flowers fade and then they do it all over again the next day and the next, as long as they are in their blooming state.
I had been growing them for many years up in NY but then, living in a condo in Florida I had no place to grow them, until this year. 

In our new home, in Florida, I eagerly planted the seeds.

I planted quite a bit of seeds almost too late, this Spring, but none took.  Finally one little seed took and started to make a small tendril. Much of the time it was growing I doubted it would make it to bloom. 

And then it took over the gate and it was apparent this guy was going to make it but it was all vine and clearly was not going to put off any flowers.  Every day I watched for a sign that I may see a bud that would send up one big blue for me.

My Morning Glories began to bloom in late October and are still in bloom as I write this. The bloom was spectacular.

 I love these flowers soooo much I just needed to share them here with you.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. I'm enjoying this vicarious burst of color as I look out my window at snow... gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sally. It's a happy post.

  2. I love morning Glory flowers! We had them on an arbor at our old house. You're making me want to plant them at this house. Truly lovely! XO- MaryJo


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