Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wagyu Asian Burger -Glamping

Excuse my staging here. First off , I'm not a great stager but secondly, I'm currently camping so this glamorous burger didn't get a sexy photo shoot .  This is a must do burger at least once. It's a not a burger I would have tried in a restaurant, although in a high end restaurant this could be a $50.00 burger and be an easy fan favorite.
My son sells Wagyu beef, check him out at #Wallywagyu on Instagram. If you get an opportunity to try some Wagyu beef , I recommend you do. Maybe splurge for that anniversary or special birthday. 
From what I understand,  Wagyu cattle are  specifically hand massaged to help distributed the fat in their body. Beer is also incorporated into their diet, as it helps them stay relaxed. I believe they also include a daily dose of classical music. The result is a highly marbleized piece of meat. What's extraordinary is that when your finger touches the fat in the meat , the fat begins to melt. Crazy right? It makes for an amazing steak and of course an outstanding ground beef.
Let me tell you how I made these burgers.

First,  make your Wagyu beef patties and baste with a good teriyaki sauce. There are recipes to make your own but we used one we found at Sam's s Club.  

Mix up some Wasabi mayo. 

Wasabi Mayonnaise- serves 2-3
I tbl Wasabi
2 tbl mayonnaise
Mix and keep chilled.

 Asian Slaw- serves 2-3
Lemon -zested- approx 1/4 tsp

Thinly slice the carrots, radishes and cucumbers. You decide the ratio but figure you' ll need about 1.5 cups total of the slaw mix.
I shredded the carrots with a hand shredder. 
Mix it all together. Add dressing. Let sit 10 minutes in the frig.

Asian Slaw Dressing
2Tbl Olive Oil 
1 Tbl Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 Tsp Soy Sauce
Optional - add a 1/2 Tsp Sesame Oil
 Dress the slaw and let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 10 min. 
Grill burger, serve on bun, spread a layer of Wasabi mayonnaise and finally a generous amount of Asian Slaw. Every bite of this burger is a master piece. 
Thanks for popping in to read along.
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  1. The governor of New Mexico's first name is also Michelle and she also recommends Wagyu Beef, but of course NM taxpayers pay for hers, I think the bill ran about $500 for hamburgers for her party. (This is a true story)


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