Saturday, April 27, 2019

#AirForce Armament #Museum Fort Walton Beach, Florida #FreeAdmission

We always pass the Air Force Armament Museum  on the way to our condo on Okaloosa Island. It's an exciting part of the last leg of our trip, it means we are close to home when we see the massive planes out around the museum.

Finally, we headed on over there with my nephew Michael, who was down with my sister for a visit at the beach. Let me just state here that Michael is an impressive 11 yr old boy who knew many of the planes and weapons by name. It was the best part of his vacation according to him.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that admission to the museum was free. 
And they include a walking tour map of the exterior and the inside of the museum. 
One day at the museum is not enough to take in all they have curated. 
 This is Mikey in front of his most favorite plane. "Why?",  you ask the 11 year old, "is this your favorite plane?" "Because it is the most heavily armored." This kid likes weapons. 

There is a tremendous weapons room that will keep you fascinated. Michael asked us about a grease gun. He then showed us one on the phone to which I said "that's an actual grease gun", to which he replied, "no that 's just what they call it because it's a small ". We found the grease gun and boy did that kid school us. 

Here's the grease gun .


We were seriously impressed to see the MOAB aka Mother of All Bombs.

For more information visit the website 

The museum is located at 
100 Museum Drive, Eglin Air Force Base, 
Florida 32542

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