Friday, July 27, 2018

Slumped Tomatoes

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I am a tomato fiend. I love tomatoes on everything. When tomato season comes, I am like...

 However, I can't always eat them all and feel so bad when they go bad and I have to throw them out. This has prompted me to create the Slumped Tomato. 

The grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are the sweetest and taste the most like what I remember a tomato tastes like. The beefsteak tomatoes from the store are not good. Even the heirloom from the store is not as good. That is why I always keep these,  around the house. 

You know how the tomatoes are perfect one day and then dented the next ?  Well, the second you see the dented ones, pick through the box and grab all the dented tomatoes. I am not talking about the wrinkled ones that are really going bad!!! I'm saying the soft dented ones that don't look so pretty in a salad anymore.

Here's what you'll do.

Heat up a frying pan/ saute pan with 1-2 tbl of olive oil. Get it nice and hot.  Toss in your tomatoes and toss them around on the high heat for like 3 minutes or so. I like to get a little char on them. I do not use a spatula or anything here. I am simply letting them cook and rolling them around in the pan on the high heat. 

Remove from heat and throw them in a bowl with salt and pepper done. 

Chill in frig. These are sweet and salty and juicy . The salt releases the juices from the tomatoes and with the pepper and olive oil it makes a great topping. 
I use these cold but you could certainly reheat them.

These will stay nice for 4 days .

Use for:
cold pasta salads              antipasto
sandwiches                      pizza topping
toss into any salad           toss with basil
toss with basil &garlic       
"Oh the places you'll go" Dr . Seuss" 
(He's my doctor.)

Here's my favorite- Grilled chicken sandwich with fresh basil leaves and slumped tomatoes. The oil and tomato juices make for a low fat and delicious flavor topper. Is your mouth watering?

Put these out in a dainty little dish for a cocktail party along side the cheese and meats. Gorgeous. (Say it like Rachel Ray.)
Ok, so I had the wrong size dish for these lovelies but I staged it for the photo shoot. Such a normal girl. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do . 
It's tomato season so go get 'em.

With love and gratitude,

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