Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Leftover Cushion Foam Sweater Wreath

What do I do with all this leftover foam ? And why is it so hard to throw it out?
 Don't answer that, I actually know intellectually and psychologically why I can't throw it out. 
I have 5 close friends who are therapists.

I need an upcycle project! 

The foam was leftover from a remake on some old chairs you'll see in  another blog post.
 Interestingly enough, I began to wonder if I could create a wreath from some cuttings. I cut  a 3" x 36" piece, sort of since I don't really measure before, sort of because I rarely use a ruler or a straight edge. But I know I can smush this stuff down to make it work!

I hot glued the ends together and to my surprise they weren't holding. The glue just melted into the foam but the foam did not melt. Weird. Anyway I had to hold it pinched in place while it dried.

After that I wrapped the whole wreath with clear packing tape to lend an extra layer of protection to my glued ends.

I was about to throw this out when I realized I could upcycle it. Heck, I've been watching everyone using old sweaters in crafts lately. Better hold onto that for a minute.I grabbed it and cut it down into 3" strips as best I could, nothing perfect and no measuring either. That's how I roll.
After that I just wrapped a strip at a time, around on an angle and glued when I got to the an end and the rear of the wreath. You can snip the leftover here. Just keep wrapping and gluing and snipping the leftover until you have covered the foam . And I don't glue every inch of fabric. I just glue each end piece.
Add a bow and some pics and done. 
I like it because I used up the foam. 
I like it because the sweater lends  a warm, cozy look to the holiday home. 
love it because it cost almost nothing!

This is a blog post about #upcycling and upcycling foam cushion. There are plenty of sweater crafts out there and many sweater wreaths. I'm hoping this inspires some #upcyling with that leftover foam.Here's a link to where I party all week.Thanks for stopping by for a while. Have a happy holiday. Michele Coastal Bohemian 

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