Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Crystal Shells -Bling it on.

I've been wanting my friends and fellow crafters to be showcased on my blog as guest bloggers . I've learned so much from all of them throughout the years. This is a guest blog from my first craft buddy, Cathy from LI NY. She sent me a few of these little gems and I was in heaven .

 I remembered that we had grown crystals when we were cub scout leaders together. This is way better.
And now from Cathy.

So my dear friend and fellow bohemian asked me to write something for her blog, so here I go:

During the cold dreary days of winter my daughter and I embarked on a few crafting journeys.  One of them was to turn some of the thousands of sea shells i have amassed over the years into something more  well, worth keeping around.  We decided on a process that would literally grow"crystals" onto the shells.

A very simple process really.  all you need is a flat container ( I used glass) water and borax.

We super saturated the water with the borax (kept mixing it in until the water could no longer dissolve the borax). Next we  put our shells into the solution taking care to make sure they dont touch each other.  Make sure the shells are completely covered with the solution.  Let them sit overnight and viola! Beauties are created!  These shells are going to adorn a picture frame with a nice beach picture of my daughter and I.  I was also thinking they would be amazing in a jar, or used in making bridal decorations...even in a bouquet!!
(Insert  enthusiasm from Michele at Coastal Bohemian here)
"Oh hell yeah!!!
We used small flat shells for the most part, but I'm sure any shell would be perfect. So next time you are itching for a simple yet satisfying craft, head to the laundry room for that Borax!

P.S.  I believe Borax can be harmful if care is not taken.

Insert from Michele at Coastal Bohemian

https://wellnessmama.com/26407/borax-safe/ This is a link to safety and use of Borax.Thx to Wellness Mama.

Cathy,  the other bohemian

Thanks Cathy for sharing your fun and excitement for creating. 
This is an inspiring piece.

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