Thursday, March 21, 2024

Rooted Rose Vine Clipping- Spray Rose Move From NY to FL

Many years ago, my friend and avid gardener gave me a spray rose vine planting. It grew up the side of my house bursting with tiny , happy, coral roses and  it was always filled with flowers and buds. Perfect for a little colorful cut flower bouquet. Did I mention it produced flowers all season long? It was a no fail, cheerful greeting when I came home from work and parked my car each evening. 
When we made our final move from NY, I decided to try and see if I could take a piece for my new home in Florida.  

Side note: This rose vine died off after Superstorm Sandy hit our home back in 2012.  I searched around to replace it, unsuccessfully.  Two years later, this little rock star made it's surprise comeback. 

This is my rose vine after it has taken root in Florida. It's propagated from a clipping I took from NY when we made our final move back in 2020.

It was among several clippings I tried to root. 

I used hormone rooting powder to help with the successful propagation. It's very easy to use . The clipping end  gets dipped into powder and then placed in the dirt. 

At one point, all the leave had fallen off and I was very discouraged. A little researched suggested I leave the clipping and that I may expect to see some new growth soon.
And sure enough there it is. What an amazing moment for me. I was in shock. Remember this was a favorite of mine and I never thought I would ever see it again.

Oh boy, will you look at that!!!
She's a growin"


As of today, 4-2-2024 

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Nice! We packed a yellow rose around while volunteers at National Parks for a year. Now living in Texas, it is ready to bloom!

    1. Isn't that exciting. Would for you tos hare a pic when it blooms.