Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I Am Always Enough

I'm posting this bracelet today because I want to help spread the "I Am Enough" Theme . The ever elusive thought that I AM ENOUGH. Why did it take me 50 years to figure out that that is the truth. 
I am enough. I made the choice to own me just the way I AM. 

This bracelet means so much to me. A year ago , I tried to run a class focusing on the teachings of Maria Peers. Check out this link below to change your thinking. 
 In the video, Marie discusses how she changed peoples lives by writing "I AM ENOUGH' in red lipstick on her patients mirrors as well as some other tactics. 

She goes on to explain that so much of our negativity is derived from feelings of not being enough. 

Seeing those words help the subconscious believe it's the truth. 

That's when I created the I AM Enough class. 

In my small way, I thought my students could remember to feel that way and so I would discuss Maria Peers and then we would do a meditation to clear out the old stuff and then we would art . 

We would ART- I AM ENOUGH.

My friends and I created  a Facebook page to celebrate I AM ALWAYS ENOUGH
Stop by and say it for me. We would love to hear you repeat it. 

Now this company is selling the bracelet and the necklace. Buy it here.

With love and gratitude,


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