Sunday, January 27, 2019

Upcycled Carpet Runner

I had only just a month ago purchased a carpet runner to cover up the white carpet in our condo. It was to help protect the hallway at the entrance. In a month we were having the carpet removed and new flooring installed. 
So now I'm left with this runner that is too big to put anywhere else. Can I upcycle a carpet runner? Let me think about this.

It can be done and it was easy enough for me to pull off on my own.  If I get another few months out of it perfect . It's currently at the foot of the bed in the spare bedroom covering the white carpeting in that room. Don't ask, I did not choose this white carpet. It was brand new when we bought the condo.

 Using a box cutter and a t- square I took off some carpeting from each side.

Next I found some scraps of fabric from around the studio. I know I should have chosen a sturdy commercial fabric but you know me, I'm a hippie, I go with the flow and what was flowing was this polka dot piece. 

I cut enough to create a thick binding.

And I left 3 " overhang that will eventually be tucked and glued inside. 
Did I mention I used hot glue gun for this project. I know probably not the best idea but we only need a few months with this carpet.

I ironed the fabric before I started to work with gluing it.
I folded in a crisp clean line on both edges and glued in place with,....yes hot glue. There it is hot glue.

I sandwiched the binding between the carpet and glued it down leaving just the open edges of the 3" unglued.
 Then I tucked my edges inside and glued those down 

I decided that I needed a small pop of color to help blend this into the room I was going to place it. The room has some hot pinks and I just added a few dots of hot pink acrylic paint to the carpet. I know I should have used fabric paint but I didn't have it and I wasn't going to the store for it now.

Here's what the process taught me.  That I could customize a simple runner or carpet. I could design my own hippie piece with a carpet store and have something unique and altered by me. When it comes to carpeting, I no longer have to accept what's on the market. I can let my imagination go wild and have the professionals handle it. 

"Oh, the places we will go"

 Thanks for indulging my out of the box ways. 

With love and gratitude,


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