Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Free Printable Bird Nest Design It's a gift for the holidays and Spring

This is a free page design done by me, Michele Michael , owner at Coastal Bohemian. 

It's a great piece to download, print and frame . You can used the framed art as a keepsake spring or holiday decor item .Showcased in a small frame,you'll  dress up a buffet table or mixed in among the flowers for Easter or Spring. Makes a fantastic hostess gift.

I used an old book page with the definition of Nest positioned slightly askew with this sweet sweet nest image, (Image was downloaded from, representing so many of the things we love and enjoy about this time of year , including family. This is a time we hunker down with family reunions and love one another  and we Nest. I hope you get to some "Nesting".

Make note that this image is not to be used for resale. Background may not be considered a public domain image.

To download click on the image above for full size image and then click save image . If you have any problems email me at  or click on this link

Happy Holidays friends. 


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